»  Corporate Training

Effective communication is essential in the corporate environment. It involves virtually every aspect of business including presentations, persuasion, negotiations, sales, customer interactions, and interpersonal relationships.

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»  Accent Reduction /

Thousands of people have achieved their career and personal goals through accent reduction. Because strong communication skills are essential in any endeavor, clear and concise speech will ensure you are understood – in your personal relationships or at your place of work.

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»  Training for Medical

Even if you speak English perfectly, Standard American English speakers may have difficulty understanding you if you have a strong foreign or regional accent.

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Accent Reduction Training is a Key to Communicating with Confidence

Corporate Speech Training
This training will give you the tools to deliver effective presentations, immediately establish rapport, build strong leadership skills, and position yourself for professional advancement opportunities.

Accent Reduction/Modification
Enhance your image, improve your confidence, and increase the clarity of your verbal communications through accent reduction classes – designed to improve your professional and personal success.

Training for Medical Professionals
You must be clearly understood to avoid medical errors, quickly build trust to develop good patient relationships, and enhance interpersonal communications skills.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Accent Reduction Training
The majority of the people you encounter day-to-day are most comfortable with Standard American English. They may not be able to clearly understand and communicate with those whose first language is not English. Even if you speak Standard American English language perfectly, an accent can be a barrier to being understood or it may be, simply, a distraction. In either case, it can affect your career goals, interpersonal relationships, or even another person's life.

An accent reduction course can help with the following:

  • Improve both professional and personal relationships
  • Advance career and developmental goals
  • Decrease misunderstandings and resulting errors
  • Strengthen existing risk management programs
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Reduce stress and improve negotiations
  • Enhance your image
  • Deliver presentations with impact
  • Develop familiarity with idioms and regional colloquialisms
  • Reduce requests to repeat, clarify or speak more slowly

The training you will receive in an accent reduction class will provide you with new skills to use in select situations, while maintaining your natural speech for other occasions. Whether you choose to use your new communication skills to your advantage in work environments or in less formal settings, you will be confident that you are communicating clearly. You will learn how to adjust your speech patterns, use appropriate idioms, communicate in a way that reflects cultural competency, improve your use of body language, and develop your overall communication skills.

Attorneys, physicians and other professionals who depend on verbal clarity will gain increased confidence and trust from clients, customers, patients, staff and peers.

We specialize in technology-based learning and are certified speech trainers. By offering the latest in technology, we are able to incorporate biofeedback so you can master speech and intonation patterns unique to spoken standard American English.

Training is available individually or in small groups of 5 people. Intensive 2-day training sessions accommodate up to 20 people. We can also help you build your presentation skills, and by special arrangement, can be available to work with you to develop individual presentations. Accent reduction classes and corporate speech training are available through video conferencing, teleconferencing, and in person. With flexible scheduling, we can work around your busy schedule.

If you are ready to make the changes that will positively impact your career and your relationships, complete the contact form or call (877) 743-6238.