Corporate Training

Reach Your Professional Goals with Standard American Accent Training

Effective communication is essential in the corporate environment. It involves virtually every aspect of business including presentations, persuasion, negotiations, sales, customer interactions, and interpersonal relationships. In order to achieve the highest levels of success in your career, you will need to eliminate all barriers to clear communication. Standard American accent training will help you improve your confidence and boost your career potential.

Accent Reduction Pros works with intermediate and advanced English speakers to reduce accents, including regional U.S. accents, and achieve clearly understood speech, effective body language, accurate sentence structure, proper use of idioms, and distinct communication. Through this training you will experience professional and personal growth and development.

Standard American English Accent Proficiency Improves Productivity
We help HR departments with larger professional groups to build teamwork, heighten cultural awareness, train call centers, and improve customer interactions with technical support and customer service teams. With Standard American accent training, your firm can benefit from increased productivity and improved brand loyalty.

Non-native speakers will learn how to respond to customers naturally using a Standard American English accent rather than by using scripted speeches. We are able to accommodate individuals, groups of 5 at a time, or conduct an intensive 2-day Standard American English pronunciation course for up to 20 people.

Business professionals will build leadership skills and become more effective in their dealings with peers, management, and potential and current customers. Communicating with a Standard American English accent will enhance your corporate image and reduce misunderstandings. Individuals will learn how to understand and use the following:

We will help your staff build effective corporate presentation skills and work with individuals on specific presentations. We use a technology-based, innovative, cutting-edge approach to accent reduction. Coursework is conducted in person, by video conferencing, online instruction, or teleconferencing to accommodate different learning styles and busy schedules. We are able to tailor instruction to fit your organization’s specific needs.

We are certified by the Institute of Language to conduct training with the Compton P-ESL program, credentialed in Speech-Language Pathology with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and hold membership in the Corporate Speech Pathology Network (CORSPAN).

Are you receiving complaints from customers and staff who regularly experience difficulty understanding individuals in your firm with heavy foreign or regional accents? Start making some changes today that will develop customer loyalty and confidence, build internal teams, and increase productivity and profitability. Begin by completing the contact form or contact a member of our staff at (877) 743-6238 today.