Medical Professionals

Inaccurate English Pronunciation can Lead to Medical Errors

Even if you speak English perfectly, Standard American English speakers may have difficulty understanding you if you have a strong foreign or regional accent. In order to improve your patient, staff, and peer communication skills, you may want to consider Standard American English accent training for accent reduction.

As a health care professional, it is essential to be clearly understood. Mistaken verbal orders can risk your patients’ lives or cause injury. Medication dosages, dictation, reports, and treatment orders all depend on clear and concise language. Unclear communication is a leading cause of hospital errors. Confusion can lead to lowered efficiency and increased costs.

Conveying the appropriate message is also key to quality patient care. Using inappropriate verbal tones, misuse of idiomatic expressions or misunderstanding cultural issues will increase patient frustration. Patients and staff may not ask for clarification so it’s important to be clearly understood every time you speak. The average medical professional works with approximately 25 patients a day – repeating yourself is cumbersome and ineffective.

Build Your Confidence and Career with Standard American English Accent Training

A Standard American English pronunciation course will help you improve speech articulation and intelligibility, and stress and intonation patterns unique to Standard American English.

Accent reduction removes barriers to career goals and leads to increased rapport with medical community colleagues and the patients you serve. With new efficiencies, you can build your patient load by attracting new patients.

In addition to accent reduction, we also provide presentation skills training, and will help you work on specific presentations to improve your voice, delivery, body language and overall communication expertise.

Accent Reduction Pros offers flexible Standard American English accent training from certified professionals. We work with hospitals, group and individual private practices, and individual professionals in other settings to provide the most comprehensive training designed specifically for the medical field.

We know that medical professionals are busy, so we offer Standard American English pronunciation online training, as well as through video conferencing, teleconferencing and other distance learning methods. In addition, we are able to deliver training in the work setting and, for those in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, we have a convenient location for in-person, one-on-one, or small group sessions.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward building strong communication skills and enhance your professional growth, complete the contact information form or call us at (877) 743-6238.