Accent Reduction / Modification

Learn Standard American English Pronunciation for Personal and Professional Success

Thousands of people have achieved their career and personal goals through accent reduction. Because strong communication skills are essential in any endeavor, clear and concise speech will ensure you are understood – in your personal relationships or at your place of work. An accent reduction course helps you communicate more effectively through Standard American English, the common form of spoken American English used in the U.S.

When you learn American accent skills, you relate to Standard American English speakers in a way that is more familiar to them. This helps you communicate clearly and form cultural bonds. Some accents can be very difficult to understand and may create confusion, avoidance, or irritability, any of which may reduce prospects for professional growth.

Accent reduction training will help you achieve the following:

  • Improve English pronunciation and sentence structure
  • Understand and use common idiomatic expressions
  • Speak with correct pacing, intonation, stress, and pitch
  • Improve conversational skills and clarity
  • Increase cultural and interpersonal awareness
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Learn English pronunciation through advanced technology-based methods
  • Learn to use spoken American English skills in a natural setting
  • Improve body language communication
  • Enhance your professional image

Use Standard American English with Confidence
You will learn American accent skills that can be applied when and where you need them. You will no longer need to repeat yourself to be understood. It is not necessary to eliminate your accent. You will retain your native language accent. However, you will be able to turn it off when necessary.

It is especially frustrating for career professionals who have excellent skills, training, and knowledge to be denied advancement because their speech and language are misunderstood. When you improve English pronunciation, by enhancing your use of Standard American English, you also build your confidence and effectiveness – opening the door to new career opportunities.

Accent Reduction Pros uses leading-edge technology to help you learn a Standard American accent. We are able to customize our courses to your individual learning pace. We are not geographically limited and use a variety of learning environments including video conferencing, teleconferencing, and other distance-learning training. For those in the greater Phoenix area, we offer a convenient location for in-person courses. We are also able to train on-site at many commercial, corporate, and medical facilities.

If you are ready to make positive changes in your professional and personal life and want to learn Standard American English pronunciation through accent-reduction training, complete the contact form or call our office at (877) 743-6238.